Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

4 – Preparations
Shutting down
Make the following preparations before shutting down the unit.
Stop the recorder. (The unit cannot be shut down during recording,
playback, search forward, etc.)
Return to the Home Screen.
If the unit is connected to computer, disconnect the USB cable after
conducting the necessary procedures on the computer to unmount the
After making these preparations, press and hold the button until the
following screen appears (or the button indicator light begins to blink).
The power turns off after the unit completes its shutdown process, including
saving various information from your session.
Do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power cable accidently while
the unit is operating. If you do so, the unit cannot shut down properly and
all unsaved data will be lost. Lost data cannot be restored. We recommend
that you also save the data manually often.
When the power is turned OFF (put in standby mode), the operation
history of the currently loaded song will be completely erased. You will not
be able to undo or redo past song operations when you turn the power
back ON.
Start-up & shutdown
Starting up the unit
Press and hold the button on the top panel until “TASCAM” appears (or
the button indicator lights green).
After the start-up screen, the Home Screen appears.
Start-up screen Home Screen
This unit always starts up in
recorder mode regardless of the
mode used last before shutting down.
Before turning the power ON or OFF (putting it into standby), minimize the
volume on any connected external monitoring system (powered monitor
speakers or an amplifier and speakers).
Do not wear headphones when turning the power ON or OFF (putting it
into standby) because noise at such times could harm your hearing.