Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

2 – Quick Start Guides
2. Use the F4 [b] button to select (highlight) current recording source for
TRACK 2 (default value:
3. Use the DATA wheel to select
4. Press the HOME button to reopen the Home Screen.
5. Press the TRACK 2 REC button to put the track into recording standby.
The REC indicator blinks when in standby.
When you play the guitar, the input level is shown by the (INPUT A),
(TRACK 2) and (left channel) level meters.
TRACK 2 REC indicator
6. After returning to the beginning of the song (00h00m00s00f), press the
Play (7) button to play back the recorded TRACK 3. Play the lead guitar
part along with the already recorded rhythm guitar. You can hear the
sound of the guitar being input along with the TRACK 3 playback sound
through the headphones.