Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

14 – Message Lists
Messages Meaning and remedy
No Undo Histry
There is no undo operation history.
There are no actions to be undone. (See “Erasing the operation history” on page 60.)
No SD Card
No SD card has been loaded.
Turn OFF the unit (put it in standby) and then insert an SD card.
Not Stopped
The recorder is not stopped.
This appears when the recorder is not stopped and you push the UN/REDO button or any other button that only functions when the
recorder is stopped.
Now Recording
The unit is currently recording.
This appears when you try to perform a menu action while recording. There are also other operations that cannot be done while
Protected Card
The SD card installed in the unit is write-protected.
To record or edit, turn off (in standby) the unit and un-protect the SD card.
Same Track
You have set the same track.
In the clone track settings you have set the same track for both
SD Size Error
The capacity of the SD card installed in the unit is too small for this unit to use.
Use an SD card larger than 512 MB.
Song Protected
The song is protected.
This message appears when you try to record to, edit or otherwise change a protected song.
Remove protection from the song before trying to change it. (See “Protecting songs” on page 50.)
Too Many songs
It is not possible to create any more songs.
You have 250 songs on one partition. You must delete some before you can create another song.
Track Full
Tracks have already been recorded.
This appears if you try to import when all the tracks have been recorded. (See “Importing to tracks” on page 88.)
Trk Edit Fail
Track editing failed.
After saving the song, restart the unit’s power and conduct the edit again.
Trk Too Short
The track is too short.
This appears if you try to change the recorder to master recording mode when the IN and OUT points are less than four seconds apart.
Set the IN and OUT points at least four seconds apart. (See “Setting IN and OUT points” on page 65.)