Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

4 – Preparations
Preparing the power and SD card
Inserting an SD card
Insert the SD card into the SD card slot inside the battery compartment on the
bottom of the unit.
1. Open the cover of the battery compartment on the bottom of the unit.
If batteries are inside the compartment, confirm that the power is OFF
(standby mode) and remove the batteries.
2. Insert the SD Card into the SD card slot inside the battery case in the
direction shown in the following illustration until it clicks into place.
3. Close the cover after inserting the SD card.
Replace the batteries if you are using them and close the cover.
Removing an SD card
Push a loaded SD card in further to eject it.
Always turn the power OFF (standby) before removing or inserting an
SD card. Failure to power off properly first will cause and recordings and
settings made since the last power off and song save to be lost. This data
cannot be recovered.
SD cards that meet SD/SDHC standards and are at least 512 MB can be
used with this unit.
A list of SD cards that have been confirmed for use with this unit can be
found on the TASCAM website (http://tascam.com/).
SD card write-protection switches
SD cards have write-protection switches.
Writing possible Write-protected
When a write-protection switch is set to the “LOCK” position, you will not be
able to write files to the card or edit files on it. To record on a card or erase files
on it, for example, disable its write-protection.