Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

13 – Troubleshooting
When working with any new piece of equipment like the unit, it’s sometimes difficult to work out whey something isn’t happening the way you expect. The main
thing is to take your time—after all, you’re not paying hourly studio rates! Stop and think. Ask yourself questions, like the ones below, and you can usually find the
Also, see the “Messages Lists” section on page 94 for the meaning of messages that may pop up on the display. Consult this table when a message appears
when an operation cannot be completed by the unit.
Why can’t I hear any sound when I play back?
• Are the LEVEL knobs of the tracks set to high enough?
• Is the MASTER LEVEL knob set to high enough?
• Have you properly connected the /LINE OUT jack to headphones
or an external monitoring system (powered monitor speakers or an
amplifier and speakers)?
Is the external monitoring system set up correctly?
• Has the VOLUME dial on the left side of the unit been raised to a
suitable level?
Why does the sound I'm recording sound distorted?
• Are the LEVEL knobs of the INPUT A or INPUT B on the top panel of
the unit set too high? Is the input source too loud?
• Is the monitoring level too high, causing distortion from the external
monitoring system (powered monitor speakers or an amplifier and
Why can’t I record?
• When you press the Play (7) button while pressing and holding the
Record (0) button to start recording, is at least one track in recording
standby (REC indicator lit)?
• Are inputs assigned to tracks? (See “Assigning inputs” on page 54.)
Why can’t my computer “see” the unit files?
• Is the unit connected to the computer via the USB terminal? (See
“Connecting with a computer” on page 84.)
• Before making the USB connection, songs, tracks, or stereo masters are
backed up or exported to the FAT partition?
Files on an MTR partition cannot be accessed directly from a computer.
When using the AC adaptor, noise occurs if I connect a passive
guitar or bass directly.
• Connecting another device to the unit’s /LINE OUT jack might
reduce the noise.
• This might be caused by interference noise from another device. If
there is a power amplifier or other device that uses a large transformer,
a fluorescent light or something similar nearby, you might be able to
reduce the noise by changing the distance and orientation of this unit
in relation to such equipment.