Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

9 – Mixdown and mastering
2. Use the DATA wheel to select (highlight) the
3. Press the F4 [EXEC] button.
After a
Master Rec!
pop-up message appears, the recorder switches
to master recording mode and the Home Screen reopens.
At this point, if you start playback or recording, you will be able to hear
the mixed track signals (including signals that will be recorded) through
headphones or an external monitoring system (powered monitor
speakers or an amplifier and speakers).
When in master recording mode,
appears highlighted at
the top left of the Home Screen.
If you try to switch to master recording mode when the length of the
interval between IN and OUT points is less than four seconds, a
Trk Too
(track is too short) pop-up message appears and master recording
mode will not be activated.
You cannot change the IN and OUT points when in master recording mode.
Playback and some other functions do not work when the unit is in master
recording mode. If you try to use one of these functions, an
In Master
pop-up message appears.
4. While pressing and holding the Record (0) button, press the Play (7)
button to start creating a stereo master track. The Record (0) indicator
Regardless of the recorder position, the part of the song between the IN
and OUT points will be recorded as the stereo master track.
As necessary, use the LEVEL and TRACK 1/2 PAN and TRACK 3/4 PAN
(BAL) knobs to adjust the mix. These adjustments will affect the recorded
stereo master track.
Creating a stereo master track automatically ends when the recorder
reaches the OUT point.
5. If you want to redo creation of the stereo master track, press the Play (7)
button again while pressing and holding the Record (0) button.
This will create a new stereo master track, overwriting and deleting the
previous one.
After recording a stereo master track, you can play it back to check it. (See
“Checking stereo master tracks” on page 74.)
You can undo the creation of a stereo master track. So, after re-recording
the stereo master track several times, you can go back and choose one
that was previously recorded.
6. Press the REC MODE button to open the
and use the DATA wheel to return the recorder to