Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

7 – Recorder Functions
Locate and search functions
Direct locate function
The current recorder position is shown at the top of the Home Screen in “hours:
minutes: seconds: frames” (30 frames per second).
You can move the current recorder position to a specific time by inputting it
1. On the Home Screen, use the HOME button to move the cursor
(underline) between time counter divisions.
You can edit the value at the cursor positions.
The seconds are selected in the following figure.
2. Use the DATA wheel to change the value above the cursor (underlined).
When adjusting a value, it will carry over automatically when it reaches
the highest or lowest value in a field. For example, when using the DATA
wheel to increase the seconds value, if the number changes from 59 to 0,
the minutes value will increase by one.
When the DATA wheel is being turned, the following pop-up message
3. Press the HOME button to move to a different time division and use the
DATA wheel to change the value.
4. After setting the desired time value, press the Play (7) button to start
playback from that position.
Returning to the song beginning (RTZ function)
or the point where recording was last started (LRP
Use simple button operations to return to the beginning of a song (00:00:00:00)
or to locate to the position where recording last started.
RTZ is short for “Return To Zero,” and LRP is short for “Last Recording Position.”
Return To Zero (song beginning at 00:00:00:00)
Press them [RTZ] button while pressing and holding the Stop (8) button.
Last Recording Position (the position recording last started)
Press the [LRP] button while pressing and holding the Stop (8) button.
This function is useful when you want to record the same passage again.
Search backward/forward
When stopped, press the m [RTZ] button/, [LRP] button to search
Each time you press one of these keys, the speed increases from 10x to 50x,
100x and 1000x.
During playback, press and hold the m [RTZ] button/, [LRP] button to
search backward/forward. During playback, the search backward/forward
speed is fixed at 10x.