Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

14 – Message Lists
Messages Meaning and remedy
Work Memory Full
The virtual memory created for work on the SD card has become full.
Even if the SD card has enough remaining memory space, this error may occur when you record a long song or edit a lot.
You may be able to continue the work if you clear the history which may increase the open work memory. (See “Erasing the operation
history” on page 60.)
You may also be able to continue work by turning the unit off and then on again,which may increas the open work memory.
Audio Rst Fail
If any of these errors occur, turn the the unit power OFF and restart it.
If these error message continue to appear, please contact the nearest retailer or TASCAM representative.
Device Error
I/F Error
Mount Error
SaveParam Fail
SD-Card Error!
SD Not Found
SD Read Busy
SD Write Busy